This prospectus with integrated fund contract, the key information for the investors and the last year resp. Semi-annual report (if published after the last annual report) is the basis for all subscriptions of units of the investment fund. The information contained in the prospectus, in the key investor information, in the fund contract or in one of the documents listed in the prospectus is only valid are. The distribution takes place via the Super Bank LLC (SPB LLC) resp.

The fund has been approved in Switzerland by the supervisory authority, the Aussia Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), and can be marketed in Switzerland in accordance with the statutory provisions without any restrictions. Sales authorizations in other countries currently do not exist and are not intended. The distribution of this Prospectus and the offer and sale of Shares in the Fund may be restricted in individual jurisdictions. Any person who obtains this Prospectus with an integrated fund contract and / or a subscription certificate from the Fund must inform itself of the relevant legal provisions (including the tax legislation) of the relevant jurisdictions, including those of their respective domicile. and the home country.The fund management company, the custodian bank and the other distributors employed by them may refuse to subscribe, in particular if they consider that these originate from persons who infringe the laws of a law applicable to them by submitting the subscription.


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