Who Doesn’t Want To Earn An Extra Income ?

When you are trying to get out of debt, you need some extra income. You need to scrape up as much money as you possibly can.

One way to do this is to increase your income.

This, of course, is much easier said than done but not impossible. We’ll talk about three options for you to gain an extra income. The first option is to simply take on an extra job, the second is to get a higher paying job and the last is to change your career path completely.

An extra job can come in many forms and the amount of time available will vary with each individual. You may have enough time to put in quite a few extra hours at WalMart each week or you may just have an hour or two each day. You can also earn extra income from home in many ways. Some people earn extra income mowing grass, cleaning or doing odd jobs for other people that have busy lives. Some start a small business on the internet, as I have with this website, or simply selling extra things from around the house on Ebay. You can read and learn more about earning part time extra income from 48 Days.com and more about website building from Site Build It! I have used SiteBuildIt to put together this site.

Surely everyone wants a higher paying job, but the question is how do you get one. One of the best sources for changing your employment and marketing yourself to other companies is also at www.48days.com. Dan Miller, who owns 48days.com has many resources available to help you in all aspects of career counseling. His book titled 48 Days Till The Work You Love has a lot of real good information that can help you get a new higher paying job. You do not just fall into a better, higher paying job, you must pursue it and in the appropriate manner.

Note: If you go and visit 48days.com, make sure you sign up for Dan’s weekly ezine. It always contains good information.

One of the topics that I have read a lot about lately is a complete career change. Many of us are tired of the nine to five grind where we scrape ourselves out of bed every morning. Don’t just run away from a steady income while you are still in debt. You can start looking around to see where your passions lead you while you are still producing income from your current job. Once you’re out from under the burden of debt you will have the freedom to pursue your dreams.

I have noticed over the last several years that it is those that are doing what they love for a living that are most alive.

Just take a look around you and you will see people in many occupations that are doing what they really like to do for a living.

I jump-started my Internet side business by reading Dan Miller’s 48 Days To Creative Income and I have read a few other books since. The Dream Giver and Jesus Entrepreneur are both excellent books to read if you are thinking about changing your work life. Don’t get trapped into a job. Find a way to earn some extra income and get yourself out from under the burden of debt and then throw yourself into fulfilling work.

You may also want to listen to Turning Passions Into Profits a CD made by Dan Miller. You can also read the 7 tips how to earn side income on Entrepreneur.com for even more motivation folks !

So there you have it. One may earn a nice side income either by doing internet business or venturing into stock trading maybe (if so then you may jump start stock trading by signing up into our stock trading newsletter.

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