About our Company

We are an online stock and forex trading brokerage firm that is committed to empowering investors with the freedom of choice: create your portfolio, your way. We have our family of funds to create a customized and diversified portfolio with trading flexibility at a low cost.

Our Products

In order to build a solid business in buying and selling stocks , fx trading and digital options, a trader will need quality trading software. Focus Shares has a series of trading tools that will make the task easier to be profitable in the stock market.

Our tools offer the versatility and flexibility that’s needed to compete in the stock market. These top-of-the-line trading tools can be extremely helpful when it comes to making better trades. This stock market software takes care of all the needs to make a trade: a top-level charting program, live streaming quotes, and up-to-date information and news.

Extreme Charts

Extreme Charts is a piece of stock market software that permits the user to chart the stocks that they’re watching. It enables the user to set up scans that search for specific criteria and create a watch list. The stock trading tool gives the user the option to look at indicators, which allows the trader to take a closer look at trends.

Forex Robots

Online trading is very diverse due to the different trading styles, strategies and systems. There are traders of all levels in the international financial markets and each has different ways of trading. One of the key features of Forex and CFD trading is the difference between traders who want to trade manually and those who prefer automated trading. FocusShares focuses  on automated trading with premium class trading robots. We offer you the best service for your money.

Real Time Markets

Real Time Markets is the trading tool in our product line that provides up-to-the-second streaming data. It permits the student to keep current with the market and follow a trade that is in the process of developing. Once a target price is hit, a trader receives a text message to their cell phone or email to their computer, giving them a signal that it’s time to possibly enter or exit a trade.

Forex Broker

Trading online is very challenging especially if you are just starting out. Heck it is also difficult for market samurais who have been in the game for many years. One thing to remember, regardless if you are just starting out as a complete newbie or you are intermediate, never ever sign up with a unregulated forex broker. The truth is in current regulatory environment there are no really bad regulated forex brokers. If you join our trading inner circle we can of course recommend you some solid forex brokers (ECN or Market Makers whatever you prefer) since we have got very good experience with bestonlineforexbroker.com website which does serious indepth forex broker tests each month. If you want to save then save on fancy trading books and forex trading courses but never save on forex broker.

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Do you have any questions or comments for us? You are welcome to share your thoughts with us. Please send us an email to support@focusshares.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!