Focus Shares is committed to empowering investors with the freedom of choice: create your portfolio, your way. Select from our family of funds to create a customized and diversified portfolio with trading flexibility at a low cost.

Focus Morningstar exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer a wide selection of products and market exposures designed to help you trade with confidence:

  • Cost effective investments with low expense ratios.
  • Take advantage of long-term trends with broad-market funds.
  • Actively trade sector funds to custom-weight your portfolio as the market changes.
  • Focus Morningstar ETF family includes 15 diverse funds that help you build a low-cost portfolio.

Depending on the amount of trading activity, the low costs of ETFs may be outweighed by commissions and related trading costs.

Focus Morningstar ETFs are a family of 15 exchange-traded funds, including four broad-market funds and 11 sector funds, all tracking trusted Morningstar indexes. The performance data for each fund is available below. When you’re ready to invest, trade shares of Focus Morningstar ETFs just as you would trade stock.

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